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Border Districts Showjumping Club

P.O Box 422

Wodonga VIC  3690

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Border Districts Showjumping Club Inc
P.O. Box 422
Wodonga VIC 3690
ABN  70 291 125 053




                                     President:                                                           Vice-President:

                                   Jess Bertram                                                   Graham Crawshaw

                                    0412 397 716                                                        0410 635 229


                                     Treasurer:                                                                Secretary:      

                                 Donna Michael                                                   Tracey Crawshaw
                                                                                                                       0410 698 229


                                                              General Committee:

                                                                   Ellen Sherwood

                                                                Graydn Stones

                                                                Frank Reynolds

                                                                Daniel Papworth



         Global Entries Secretary & Rally Co-ordinator:                       HRCAV Secretary:                                                             Teegan Ashby                                                          Samantha Schmehl

                                                                                                                         0438 712 548


                          Equipment/Show Managers                                      Competition Contact & EV Rep                                       Graham and Tracey Crawshaw                                          Jess Bertram

                    0410 635 229   / 0410 698 229                                                          

                             Catering Officer:                                                                  AWEC Rep

                                 Elva Stones                                                                Graham Crawshaw


                        Sponsorship Co-ordinator:                                           

                                 Graydn Stones                                                                    


Terms and Conditions Of Membership

I agree to be bound by the Rules of the Associations for the time being in force. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of usage of the Albury Wodonga Equestrian Centre (these can be found at and As part of my membership to AWEC I acknowledge that equestrian activities are dangerous and that accidents causing death, bodily injury, disability and property damage, can happen and as such have included in my Riding Member Application a signed disclaimer statement. I agree to my BDSJC membership details being shared and freely available to AWEC. I acknowledge that family membership to AWEC comprises up to two adults and two children (U18).

I acknowledge that BDSJC will contact me throughout the membership term via paper or electronic correspondence to ascertain information relating to any possible activites I can perform or undertake, skills or qualifications I may and my ability to assist with those activities or provide those skills or qualifications in a voluntary capacity to the club.